The Gorge Starzlachklamm

The wild, romantic Starzlach gorge below the Grünten in Sonthofen is an impressive natural spectacle of the Alps. The natural creator of the gorge is the mountain brook Starzlach, which has created a narrow nummulitic limestone rocky gorge (Nummus = coin) on its way from over 1000 meters high. The Starzlach ("jumping over rocks Aach - torrent") rises between the Wertacher Hörnle and the Grünten and flows at Sonthofen in the Ostrach. In the gorge, its waterfalls from several waterfalls.

From the car park in Sonthofen-Winkel (about 40 minutes by car from the Hotel Bergpanorama away), it takes about 20 minutes through the forest to the hut Klammhütte. The very hospitable innkeeper Rudi Löwenhagen invites you to a cozy break with a hearty snack with cheese, ham, Viennese, Currywurst, etc. or to enjoy a fragrant coffee and homemade cake on the terrace overlooking the waterfall directly near the hut. There is also a cave corner with a heated mushroom, but also in the rustic hut, it is very cozy and cuddly. Starzlachklamm Directly below the hut, at the foot of the spectacular slide, the guests and hikers can swim in the washed-out pool.

The entrance fee for the preservation of the gorge is to be paid at the entrance to the gorge directly to the innkeeper Rudi: adults € 3.50 (with guest card € 3.00), children € 2.00 (with guest card € 1.50), groups from 10 pers -  2.50 per person.

The Starzlachklamm is open from 1 May to 1 November.

Canyoning in the Starzlachklamm: Explore the gorge from top to bottom under expert guidance. You can rappel, climb, slide (the 18-meter-long slide), jump (8 meters deep into the narrow gorge!), swim and sometimes even dive down the steep cliffs. The gorge offers at a large pool numerous jumps in different heights.  Before that, you should catch up on the weather conditions, as the amount of water in the ravines can rise very quickly.

The expansive overhangs in the upper part of the Starzlachklamm in the Allgäu Alps are ideal for sport climbing. Information with all routes is available in the climbing guide ALLGÄU from Panico-Verlag.