A house and its history

The history of Bergpanorama in Pfronten began many decades ago when the Bertle family built a two-family house in 1937/38. So the first beds were rented.
In 1948, in the front part of the building was cultivated and managed a boarding house and already in 1950 were converted from the private area 2 premises for a restaurant. On May 5, 1950, the restaurant received its first guests.

In the next few years the house was extended with a garage with pork and chicken coop, as well as with 2 guest rooms.
In spring 1963, a dining room with 100 seats was added, as well as the central heating throughout the house.
About this time the old postcards remind us.

Restaurant Bergpanorama became the venue for celebrating all important events in Pfronten-Weißbach, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or memorial service.
The modern history of the mountain panorama began in 1971/72, when a larger building section with 70 beds, indoor pool, bowling alley and the kitchen was built. Since 1973 the whole house bears the name Hotel Bergpanorama.

All renovations ran through 70s and 80s until the whole house was transformed into a modern hotel.
In 1991, the sauna area was rebuilt into a bathing department and in November 1991 got the approval for it. Since then, the world knows mountain panorama as a spa hotel, recognized by German health insurance companies.
In addition there was fitness room, winter garden, wellness area.

The excellent location and the reputation contributed to the fact that soon the mountain panorama was one of the best hotels Pfrontens. With a unique offer of food, wellness, cure and sport.
In 1965, a beer supply contract was concluded with the Paulaner Brewery to finance a new dispensing facility. Since 1970 and still today the Restaurant Bergpanorama offers our guests fresh foaming beer from Paulaner. In October 2015, we celebrated the 45 years of successful collaboration with our partners, suppliers and friends.

In 2015 house came new investments and major renovation. 

From 2018, our guests have 45 freshly renovated rooms, a newly designed restaurant, modern indoor pool with a conservatory and spa area, ski depot and dryer, bike rental and much more.